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Why Tool Tracking Matters

05/06/2022 — Slate Pages

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Whether you’re a homeowner, a , or the head of a municipality, chances are a huge portion of your budget is spent on tools and equipment. In fact, the power tool and outdoor power equipment industries combined have a market valued at about $55 billion and is expected to grow to over $75 billion over the next 6 years, according to Fortune Business Insights. With that amount of money spent, it’s important to make sure you get the most life out of your equipment.

Slate Pages provides users with an easy way to , from and specifications to warranty and operating information, all without having to store stacks of user manuals and eliminating the need to search for them when they’re needed.

How It Works

Personnel can download the free Slate Pages app, scan the QR code on a piece of equipment, and gather everything they need to know about that tool. What type of fuel it takes, tracking the last time the oil was changed, storing a link to a user manual or warranty information, or a web link to access a specific replacement part, Slate Pages can organize it all in the palm of your hand. Slate Pages connects information to your assets and makes that data accessible right from the piece of equipment.

The online web portal allows you to check the status of all your equipment and can be organized based on tool type, locations, or any other fields you choose to track.

If you have rental equipment or tools spread out between different job sites, you have the ability to know where your tools are at all times. Keeping track of the high volumes of equipment you have may sound like a burden, but the ease of the Slate Pages app and the affordability, it will undoubtably save you money in the long run and extend the life of the tools you rely on.

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