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The Importance of Equipment Failure Insights

03/25/2022 — Slate Pages

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The digital age has really changed the way equipment diagnostics is approached. Prior to smartphones and the internet of things (IoT), preventive maintenance was very difficult. Most facility managers were focused on reaction not prevention.

Keeping inspection and maintenance records in a 4-drawer file system was standard practice. Not being able to find the information or having it immediately available was also standard practice.

One of the benefits of electronically storing equipment inspections, repairs and notes at the asset level is the inspection technicians (experts) can now see historical information. Having access to this historical information at the asset level is a game changer. They can diagnose, track repairs, and begin to extrapolate the inspection and repair data to gain some insights into the asset they are responsible for.

It's all about fire prevention vs. fire fighting. Migration from fighting fires to preventing them is very difficult without having the necessary data at hand. Using the Slate Pages app gives you easily accessible historical inspection data that allows technicians to make more calculated decisions when it comes to preventive maintenance or equipment replacement.

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