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IPC Lydon LLC Uses Slates To Manage & Inspect Construction Safety Equipment

02/07/2022 — Slate Pages

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Written by Kevin Moreira, IPC Lydon EHS Field Representative & Brian Bannon, Slate Pages Tracking maintenance & calibration on construction safety equipment is a difficult task. The equipment is often off-site and being handled by multiple users. Slate Pages has developed an app that makes this process more efficient.

About IPC Lydon

At , we understand the importance of an alliance contractor and are dedicated to providing our clients with a full complement of construction and maintenance services that can be bundled for turnkey projects or utilized for specialty, emergent needs. As a trusted partner in our field, our experience covers installation, overhaul, maintenance, and upgrade services of utility scale power generation boilers; turbine generators; rotating machinery; power & process piping systems; material handling and conveyor systems; movable bridges; manufacturing; and process equipment. Within its areas of specialties, IPC Lydon also provides steel erection and heavy rigging services across a wide variety of industries. IPC Lydon embraces the values of Safety, Quality and Integrity and advocates these deals through one action – being committed to getting the job done right! Our entire team is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment free from hazards to all plants and personnel. We reinforce this philosophy through effective communication, education and training and work with all appropriate stakeholders to ensure each project is safely planned and executed. For more information, visit .

About IPC Lydon EHS Equipment

In the ever-critical power generation industry, keeping facilities up and running is vital. As facilities age, proper repairs are crucial and conducting those repairs safely is paramount. IPC Lydon uses dozens of gas air monitors on a regular basis when performing confined space work such as boiler and stack repairs. Slate Pages has allowed us to place QR tags on each monitor and have all that monitors specific information at the employee’s fingertips. IPC Lydon gas monitors are the first line of defense to ensure the confined space our employees will be working in is free from atmospheric hazards. Monitors need to be calibrated regularly and inspected daily before use. The Slate Pages QR tags are preloaded with information such as manufacturer; model and serial number; last and next calibration dates; link to items user manual; and the most important inspection tab which leads to the daily pre-use inspection which also captures items location for equipment tracking purposes.

About Slate Pages

“Slate Pages was created to help electronically track “stuff” throughout our divisions and companies. As our manufacturing and service business began to grow and accumulate assets, there was a need to inspect and maintain these assets. All of our assets information was being recorded and stored on paper or in the memories of our amazing employees. You could never find the paper record you needed when you needed it, and the employee or maintenance worker who knew the information was out that day or on a break when you were looking for the answer.” Brian Bannon Co-Founder of Slate Pages, LLC Slate Pages, LLC was created and tasked with developing a smartphone application-based inspection platform with these 5 points in mind: Cost effective. NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEES. QR code driven to enable quick scanning using any smartphone. Customizable by the users. Inspection information needs to be available on the phone, at the asset, or remotely from an internet connected computer. Easy to use.

IPC Lydon Meets Slate Pages

IPC Lydon attended Colony Hardware’s “Tool Fest” looking for new technology and EHS equipment. I ran into Brian at the show and was shown a sample client that was using slates to perform safety harness inspection using QR codes and a smartphone app. “We were looking for an easier and more effective way to maintain and track our Air Monitoring Equipment and Slates appeared to be the product that could solve that problem” said Kevin Moreira of IPC Lydon. “Kevin asked for a webcast and sent me a copy of his required maintenance and inspection information. We were able to build a sample slate and update the inspection record until we got exactly what he was looking for” said Brian Bannon of Slate Pages.

Testimonial from IPC Lydon

“The Slate Pages QR tags were just what I was looking for to bridge the gap and lead the company to a more technology driven approach in regards to safety. After meeting Brian at the Colony Tool Fest show, I was intrigued with the level of detail that could be added to each item and how they could be customizable to our specific needs. Other products I had been looking into were very cookie cutter and generic for the different types of safety equipment we had in our inventory. Over a month, I traveled to all our outlying sites and started applying the QR tags to our gas air monitors. While on site, I assisted our employees with downloading the Slate Pages app and setting up their user profile. Once set up, they were ready to go with their first scan. Employees were amazed that the scanned items information was all right there with a quick scan. The inspection tab took them through the daily pre-use checklist and created a record of such inspection that could be viewed in the future. The location feature allows us to track our equipment at point of last use and by whom. The ability to set calendar reminders for next calibration has been extremely useful in staying on top of things. Slates Pages works great for our needs and we are looking forward to start applying Slate Pages QR tags to more safety equipment soon.” Kevin Moreira EHS Field Representative

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