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Improve Inspection Completion Rates With Slate Pages App

03/25/2022 — Slate Pages

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The bottleneck with inspections should be the actual inspections and not finding, collecting, and managing the necessary documentation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many inspection processes are required to be documented. This can range from building facility assets like boilers & emergency exit lighting to safety assets like fire extinguishers and AEDs.

Let’s take emergency exit lighting as an example. The inspection is normally quick. It may involve pressing a test button on the back of the fixture and verifying batteries are charged and not nearing expiration. Now what to do with this information? Most likely you will have to locate an existing spreadsheet or database and enter your inspection information. This can be just as time consuming as the actual inspection, if not more so.

Slate Pages streamlines this process, making inspections convenient and easy. A Slate QR Code Sticker is placed on the emergency exit light or asset that requires inspection. This sticker can be as small as 3/8” x 3/8” or as large as you need. The QR Code is scanned with the Slate Page app and the inspection information is updated during the inspection. Once saved, the latest inspection information is also available on your online dashboard that can be shared or displayed to all decision makers.

Slate Pages makes inspections less of a hassle. Digitizing your inspections makes them easier to complete, and therefore more likely to get done. Learn more about how Slate Pages can be used to .