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Aerial Lift/Platform Daily Inspections For Your Project

02/21/2022 — Slate Pages

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Aerial Lifts are common on multistory constructions projects often require quarterly and annual inspection. They are a very cost-effective way to access elevated work areas without erecting scaffolding or staging. Unfortunately, the industries casual approach to daily inspection and training has cost American construction worker lives.

Slate Pages allows end users to customize their inspection bullets as recommended by the individual manufacturers. When the Slate app is used, these inspections are now available for viewing on the Lift, on the dashboard, or on the smartphone. In addition to tracking required inspections, some end users capture a GPS position on the Slate when the equipment is delivered.

How It Works

A Slate QR Code laser etched metal tag is placed on the Lift. The employee/worker downloads the free Slate App, scans the QR Code, and performs his/hers daily or pre-work inspection of the safety inspection

Easy to click Green/Red toggles allow inspection documentation to be completed in less than 1 minute

A copy of every inspection, by date and time, is stored on the QR code so the employee can track. If the company has a safety director, all employee Slate QR Codes can be placed in one account for online viewing, exporting and printing. A subscription model is also available to allow for email notifications when an inspection fails.

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OSHA Standard for Aerial Lifts