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Ditch the clipboard & digitize your checklists! Use the Slate Pages app to record inspections

Performing an inspection is checking conditions or testing an asset against established standards. Routine inspections periodically survey for preventative measures and help to ensure that your assets or property is in good condition. They also help to identify any issues that should be addressed. As we all know, the sooner potential problems are detected and resolved the better. The main purpose of an inspection is to provide objective information about the condition of systems and components that are defective and need immediate attention or are anticipated for future failure. Those conditions may be related to safety concerns, damage, or deterioration of components or equipment.

Slate Pages is the best tool for routine inspections. Here’s how it works:

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Types of routine inspections you can perform with Slate Pages

  • Scheduled Routine Inspections: used to ensure assets are working efficiently (filters, lubrication, etc.),
  • Preventative Inspections: locate potential failures and avoid breakdowns
  • Corrective Inspections: performed after repair to ensure the asset is in working condition with no further issues
  • Predictive Inspections: periodically capture data associated with assets to verify their conditions in order to take timely actions like adjustments or minor repair

The Slate Pages app helps you conduct the inspections mentioned above & more. Here is how Slates assists with capturing important data that helps with asset maintenance:

  • Efficiently organize your important info
  • Step by step checklists hold everyone accountable
  • Clear navigation, no need for specialized training
  • Customizable checklist layout
  • Automatically log time and user
  • Historical data easily accessible and searchable
  • Admin can create personalized views to filter through all captured info for inspection reporting
  • Export data to be further analyzed in spreadsheets
  • Privacy settings for admin and field use
  • Ability to attach manuals and images

Improve efficiency & get organized with Slate Pages

The Slate Pages app can automate preventive maintenance checklists for you, replacing bulky stacks of paper and cluttered spreadsheets. Slate Pages holds your team accountable and provides them with instant access to asset information and preventive maintenance protocols in the field.

The Slate Pages app engages your team, motivating & enabling them to accomplish more throughout the day. You’ll no longer need to rely on your desktop computer and printer because our app eliminates the need to print out work orders or preventive maintenance checklists.

Slate Pages features that make your inspections fast, easy, & effective

Checklists Slates have built-in features to make performing inspections fast & easy. Step by step checklists guide you through all necessary actions, eliminating the possibility of missed steps. This also ensures the job is done the same way every time and nothing is forgotten or left to chance. Use pass or fail checklists according to standards your assets must meet to establish status and condition.

Record keeping Any changes or edits made on a Slate automatically records date, time, and user. Slate Pages also features dashboard reporting capabilities enhancing the management of assets.

Dashboard data reporting Facility managers are data-driven and want to see evidence of success or the need for performance improvement through numbers. Our dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop for departmental data. This data comes in handy when it comes time to generate annual reports for your organization’s administrators.

Links, attachments and photos Instant access to information on the field where it matters most. You’ll be able to upload and store any documents, including OEM manuals, warranty information, reports, and images for convenient reference.

Have a checklist? We can Slate it!

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