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The digitization of documents has evolved and is finally at a place where the benefits can be realized. The creation, transfer, & storage of documents has transitioned from:

  • Snail mail to fax machines
  • Carbon copies (press hard) to copying machines
  • Fax machines to emails
  • Paper documents to digital PDFs

We continue to transition from analog data (paper) to digital data that can be used in real time to solve real world problems. Slate Pages has focused its development around the digitization of documents, making it easy to create and organize stored digital data.

Slate Pages is the best tool for tracking & managing digitized documents. Here’s how it works:

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What is the Digitization of Documents?

Let’s start with an example: Your firm purchased a new piece of equipment for your facility. This equipment requires monthly inspections and often needs replacement parts like filters and fluids. This equipment came with a printed operating manual that has a sample monthly inspection checklist and a quick list of frequently ordered parts. Scanning that operating manual, converting it to a PDF, and storing in a folder is one of the beginning stages of digitization. It’s nice to do and good to have a digital version, but really does not add any value stored away on a hard drive.

Having the ability to get on your computer, search for an asset, and find a folder that contains a copy of historical inspections is nice. Having the ability to see this information right at the asset and to be able to digitally save future inspections and comments in an organized fashion is a total game changer!

Digitization of Documents Using Slate Pages

Now picture this. Your newly purchased equipment comes with a Slate QR tag. You scan the QR code on the Slate using your smartphone and are instantly shown all the useful & important information related to that machine. This can include serial number, date of purchase, make, model, operating manual, & more. You also see a field in the Slate Pages app called “monthly check.” You select that field and are presented with a digital, mobile friendly version of your monthly inspection checklist. You complete & save the inspection from your smartphone, and that information is chronologically stored on the QR tag.

Amazing right? Well that’s not all!

Suppose your newly purchased equipment does not come with a Slate QR tag. No problem! Slate Pages can send you a Slate and the Slate Pages app allows you to customize it to add all the fields and checklist items your assets need.

Discover how Slate Pages can work for you

Slate Pages is fully customizable to store & organize all of your digital documents