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Slate Pages Excels In Any Industry

Slate Pages can be used to track & manage the information that matters to you. Every industry has its own unique assets & processes. The data associated with those assets & processes might be recorded on scattered papers or stored in overloaded spreadsheets, preventing you from easily:

  • staying organized
  • recording new data
  • tracking many data points
  • tracking multiple assets
  • getting everyone involved
  • reporting & analyzing data
  • viewing your up-to-date data anytime & anywhere
Slate Pages is the best tool for tracking & managing equipment. Here’s how it works:

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Countless ways to use Slate Pages

Beyond conducting routine inspections, managing your asset inventory, or tracking equipment maintenance there is an unlimited number of ways Slate Pages can improve your industry’s daily operations. Designed to be flexible and customizable, the Slate Pages app & QR code tags can be used to track virtually anything.

Businesses in the service industy can improve their performance by tracking each customer using a Slate QR code. Record, store, and manage service history, special requests, customer details, equipment requirements, and more by using your fully customized view within the Slate Pages app.

Rental companies can better maintain their assets by applying a Slate QR tag to each unit. As those units are rented, returned, serviced, damaged, etc. you can update each field using the Slate Pages app or dashboard from your smartphone or computer.

Restaurants can display their Slate QR tags on their front door and in their restrooms to allow customers to view their up-to-date sanitation records, previously posted as an outdated piece of paper on the wall that no one looks at. Track & share when your restrooms & kitchen were last cleaned, anonymous health checks, health department inspection details, and more.

Discover how Slate Pages can work for you

Slate Pages is fully customizable to fit your industry’s needs. Let us show you how.