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Thank you to our brave first responders for your life-saving work.

Easily record, store, manage, & access inspection records of your life-saving equipment from your smartphone or computer

Your fire department has dozens of pieces of equipment that you are required to inspect daily, weekly, monthly, or annually including:

  • Air bottles
  • Paks
  • Fire department apparatus equipment
  • EMS bags
  • Fire hoses
  • And more

After you consider how many inspection records must be created and stored, there are thousands of documents to manage and that can quickly become overwhelming if you’re using paper checklists or spreadsheets.

You might accidentally repeat inspections because you lost the paperwork, or you are shuffling through stacks of paper records to find when a particular item was last inspected to comply with NFPA codes & standards. Managing firefighting equipment is much harder than one might think. Slate Pages makes the inspection process easier than starting a fire with a match and gasoline!

How Slate Pages helps fire departments track, store, & organize inspection records

The Slate Pages app and special QR code tags (Slates) are perfect for recording and organizing routine inspections. Slate Pages is a smartphone app with a built-in QR code scanner that your entire department can download and use, instead of buying an expensive barcode reader. Implementing & conducting inspections with the Slate Pages app in your fire department is as simple as:

  1. Attach your Slate QR tags to every piece of equipment
  2. Scan the Slate’s QR code using the Slate Pages app and record an inspection entry
  3. View historical inspection records & create reports using the Slates online dashboard from your computer.

Benefits of using Slate Pages in your fire department

Easy, right? You don’t need to be an expert in technology to use our QR code asset management app. And that’s just one of the many benefits Slate Pages offers. The biggest benefit is that each Slate QR tag is completely customizable, as you can set it up to record and store the exact information you need it to. Other asset management systems try to be high tech & complex systems that do everything. In the end that may not be what your fire department needs to get the job done. Complex asset management systems are typically expensive & difficult to use. You need an affordable & effective way to solve the challenges you face when inspecting fire equipment. That is exactly what Slate Pages was created to do.

Slate Pages offers…

  • Replaceable QR tags designed to fit your equipment
  • A QR code scanner built into smartphone app
  • Online dashboard with reporting/exporting abilities

See how other fire departments across the United States have been switching to Slates to track & manage their equipment, apparatuses, and more:

Discover how Slate Pages can work for you

Slate Pages is fully customizable to fit your fire department’s needs.