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Emergency Services Inspection App for Fire, Police, and EMS

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Emergency Services Inspection App for Fire, Police, and EMS

Smart tags for your emergency equipment that let you spend more time using it and less time inspecting it.

Your department has dozens (if not hundreds) of equipment items that you are required to inspect on a regular basis and many struggle to find an easy and useful way to complete that. If you’re using pen and paper, or even digital checklists, chance are you’re spending too much time managing your equipment, or maybe is so difficult you’re not able to manage it at all.

Don’t make equipment management harder than it has to be!

Fire departments, police departments, and EMS organizations around the country have eliminated their headaches and frustrations with the use of Slate Pages.

What is a Slate?

A Slate is a QR code tag that can be attached to your equipment, which immediately connects information to your assets. These tags come in various sizes and material based on the equipment to make sure they hold up the rigorous day to day operations you’re put through. Information can be entered onto the Slate with the free Slate Pages mobile app from your iOS or Android device, rather than with a specialized reader.

How do Slates work?

Each Slate can be customized right from your smartphone to fit your agencies needs and practices, or you can utilize our prebuilt templates as a starting point. Accessing, adding, and modifying information on your Slates could not be easier. Just scan the QR code with the Slate Pages app, edit information or complete your checklist, and click save.

These records can then be accessed from your smartphone within each Slate, as well as displayed on an online dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed from any web browser and customized views allow you to see just the information that is important to you. You can also setup customized email alerts to know when an item is expiring or due for testing.

How Slates Work

Easy, right? You don’t need to be an expert in technology to use our QR code asset management app. And that’s just one of the many benefits Slate Pages offers. Other asset management systems try to be high tech, complex, and are typically expensive & difficult to use. You need an affordable & effective way to solve the challenges you face when checking your equipment. That is exactly what Slate Pages was created to do.

How do I get started?

Getting up and running with Slates couldn’t be easier. Create your templates for each item, send us your equipment information, and we can take care of the rest. You get your Slate tags shipped out ready to use.

Here’s what other first responders are tracking with Slates:

Items Tracked by EMS departments using Slate Pages

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