Slate Pages: The Best Fire Department App For Equipment Inspections

There are countless apps designed for fire departments to make their day to day tasks easier, but Slate Pages is the best fire department app to simplify ALL routine fire equipment inspections. Fire departments have been performing routine fire equipment inspections on paper for decades, without innovating or updating the process. Slate Pages thinks it’s time to change that.

Creating inspection records on paper, storing them, and trying to access that information whenever you need it can be next to impossible. However, the majority of fire departments in the US are still using this antiquated system. Recently, many fire departments across the US have been ditching their clipboards and making the switch to using the Slate Pages app to make their equipment inspections fully digital. This makes your inspections faster, easier, & more accountable.

Slate tag affixed to an air bottle at a fire department

Slate Pages is the best app for fire departments (available for iOS & Android) looking to simplify ALL of their fire equipment inspections. Slate Pages uses equipment tags or stickers called Slates that each feature a unique QR code. Whenever a Slate’s QR code is scanned using the Slate Pages app, that piece of equipment’s information is immediately available such as historical inspection records, equipment details, maintenance notes, location, & so much more. Your equipment’s inspection information is also accessible from any web browser using the Slate Pages dashboard.

Slates are versatile and can be customized to fit your fire department’s needs. Slates applications are endless, but fire departments have used our app to build custom digital inspections for:

  • SCBA Pack & Bottle Inspections
  • Fire Apparatus Inspections
  • Fire Hose Inspections
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • AED Inspections
  • & more
2 Free Slates (Sample)

Slate Pages users enjoy NO ongoing subscription fees, ever! Simply pay a one-time fee per Slate to gain access to the Slate Pages dashboard (web browser portal) & app for life. Never deal with paper inspection checklists again! All fire departments get exclusive rates & can request 2 free slates to sample in their fire department NOW, no strings attached!

Contact us for more information on how Slates can make your fire department safer, faster, & happier.