Slate Pages Is Helping Main Street To Reopen Its Doors

Main Street will win the war against COVID-19 with Slate Pages App

Families have come to rely on their self isolation tactics to keep each other safe and healthy. They have become an efficient elite virus avoiding unit. When they leave the green zone (their home), they all have a job to do. Get the essential task done safely and return home with one objective complete-Leave the virus at the green zone front door! It is truly remarkable how this group of people, usually related but with completely opposite friend circles, tastes in music, sleeping schedules, & binge watching routines have been able to put all that aside to fight this virus war and maintain a healthy green zone.

The first week of virus fighting “basic training” was sloppy. Hands were not washed enough. Shoes were brought into the green zone. Handshakes and hugs were gradually reduced to the high five, and then the eventual cool “hang ten” sign.

But we all know every battle is won and lost by its supply chain. This too was off to a shaky start. Some family units had 10 boxes of Cheez-Its but no toilet paper. Others had a 100 rolls of toilet paper but no Purell. Slowly the family units began working together without communicating and learned to only take what they needed. These units became elite when they learned to fight together. Shoulder to shoulder with a family unit they will never meet. Another family unit who was able to get the pack of paper towels that they left on the shelf!

Yes folks, we are winning this battle! If this was our only battle, we could all safely say we will win the war. Unfortunately there are many fronts/battles in a war. The next battle is going to be harder. It involves bringing others into our elite unit like Main Street: the local restaurant, the local deli, our friendly neighborhood diner and hair salon.

We have spoken to a number of small business owners these past few weeks. Every successful business’s number one goal has always been customer satisfaction and the health & safety of its employees & patrons. They are ready to be part of our elite unit. Does health and safety need to step up a notch? Absolutely. Is Main Street ready to do this? Absolutely.

One of our divisions, Slate Pages, is going to jump in and help win this war. We are an app development company that helps end users perform asset inspections of their equipment. We have developed an app for business owners that will allow them to document pre-shift employee health screenings along with hand washing and surface cleaning.

If you are a restaurant, beauty salon, dentist’s office, manufacturing facility, or any type of business that is preparing to open its doors back up post COVID-19, take the Clean Slate Pledge to:

  • Thoroughly and Routinely Sanitize
  • Conduct Pre-Shift Employee Health Screenings
  • Enable Documentation and Transparency

To learn more about taking the Clean Slate Pledge:
Email us at or visit our Clean Slate product page.