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Why Use A QR Code Asset Management System?

04/21/2021 — Slate Pages

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A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that is often used to point people in the direction of a website or some type of application. They are more efficient than standard barcodes because they have a greater data storage capacity and faster readability. You have probably seen QR codes all over the place as their popularity has increased significantly over the years. For example, during the pandemic, most restaurants have linked their menu to QR codes for safety. Slate Pages has taken the use of QR codes to another level by developing a way to record, organize and store information related to assets using just a smartphone and a QR code.

Why Not Use Paper For Asset Management?

Let’s try an exercise. Where are all of the physical assets that your business owns? All assets including tools, equipment, vehicles, even computers. How quickly can you gather that information? What about the condition of your assets or which assets need maintenance? This process is called asset tracking.

Most small businesses still use pen and paper or spreadsheets to track and manage their assets. Paper may be cost effective but is an outdated & less efficient alternative of managing assets compared to using technology. It is easy for paperwork to get lost or damaged and can result in unreliable information. It can also force you to do the work twice. You want to be certain the work was done once, on-time, and done the right way. With paperwork there is no database that can give you that crucial information about your business quickly and efficiently.

Slates Pages Is The Solution

The Slate Pages app and online dashboard is the perfect solution for those who may not be comfortable with technology but are looking for a better way to manage their assets. The use of technology is growing every single day and Slate Pages takes great pride in providing a user-friendly app that not only can help grow your business but also give you an advantage over others in your industry that refuse to let go of the old way of doing things.

What is a Slate?

A Slate is simply a QR code that is laser etched or printed on an aluminum tag or sticker. Our Slate Pages app is used to scan the Slate with your smartphone and allows users to enter & update important information related to their assets. This is how it works:

How Slates Works

Easy, right? Slates can be customized to track anything you want in a way that works best for you.

Why Slates?

You may be asking, what makes Slates better than the other asset tracking systems that are out there? Other asset systems can be very expensive and difficult to use if you are not familiar with technology. Other systems also tend to do more than you need them to do, and those extra features are usually embedded in the price of that system. So, you will be paying for things that you don’t need. They also may not be flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Everyone has their own unique process for managing their assets. Slate Pages recognizes that and designed the Slate Pages app to cater to those needs. Customize the slates to do exactly what you need them to do. No more, no less.

Get Started

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