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What Is Digitalization?

06/24/2022 — Slate Pages

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What is Digitalization? According to , the digitalization of your product is a process that involves the conversion of text, pictures, or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. For example, the digitization of a rare map can become a digital collection at the library. You take the rare maps in their original form and convert them into a digital medium- pretty straightforward. You take an old photo, lay it on the table and take a picture with your phone. That old photo has now been digitized in a few seconds.

But what if you want to create a widget that captures & organizes more information or another element that is harder to capture? What if it’s something that is important to you personally? What if it’s something in your office with sensitive information, like instructions, payroll, notes, etc that you want to keep safe in one place?

Yes, you can take a picture of everything and anything and put them in a folder, ideally a safe, protected folder, somewhere on your computer. And yes, you would need to repeat this process every time something new was added or updated. Fortunately, has found a way to make this process seamless that allows businesses to increase their revenues through enhanced product offerings and differentiation.

In other words, it’s a streamlined process you can use to digitize anything important to you.

Want a faster way to input & manage your data?

Slate Page QR code can be the perfect companion for your product. All you have to do is attach a digital QR code to your product or asset, and you can begin to link information with a click of the app or the snap of a photo. You can add operating manuals, check lists, warranty information, maintenance notes, etc…. Again, what is most important to you?

We have witnessed this digitization tsunami the past few years with Covid and the restaurant industry. Most restaurants have digital menus linked to a QR code now, and some even allow you to place your order right from your smartphone. A lot of advertisements today include a QR code in the corner for a quick call to action.

This drives attention, interest, and clicks to any product, service, or offering in real time. This amazing shift helps reduce cost and increase revenues for you and your business. And you’ll reduce the time it takes for your audience to go from curiosity to action. As a bonus, multiple patrons can order at the same time with a limited amount of staff.

The time is now to cut the fat out of the process. Learn more about