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What Is A Product Companion

06/03/2022 — Slate Pages

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In order to define what a product companion is or what it’s used for, let’s begin by defining what a “companion” is. A companion is one of a pair of things that complements and adds value to the other. A companion accompanies something. In this case, that something being accompanied is your product or service.

A product companion enhances a product or service by adding a digital layer to an otherwise entirely physical experience. Product manufacturers can benefit from having a product companion as well as end users. How the product or service is enhanced depends on the technological capabilities and user friendliness of the product companion.

How product manufacturers and service providers use product companions

Manufacturers, distributors, & service providers (their service is their product) often use product companions to improve their customers’ experience. Utilities are a great example. Your electric provider’s product is electricity. You use the electricity and at the end of the month they send you an invoice. Most of these utilities now have a website to help you manage and pay your invoices, view usage, etc. Their customers know more about this website or “online portal” than the electricity they are using. The online interface adds a tremendous value to their customers and allows them to better understand how they are using the energy. The website you use to pay your electric bill is an example of a product companion.

Slate Pages: The Best Digital Product Companion

A product companion can be software or a piece of hardware. It can be created and built by the OEM or provided by a third party pre or post market. The ultimate goal is to add value to the end user. was created to be a product companion that enables manufacturers and end users to engage with their product or service digitally. The digitization of the information and processes involved with your product or service can revolutionize the way your product is manufactured and enjoyed by end-users.

Using Slate Pages as a product companion requires no special coding or developers. Just apply the QR code sticker or label (we call them Slates) to your product to unlock the many features built into the app. Track the stages of your manufacturing progress, end-user equipment inspections, maintenance logs, user manuals, support contact information, & more.

To learn more about Slate Pages and how a product companion can enhance your product or service,