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On-Scene Firefighter Accountability: A Modern Solution with Slate Pages

05/05/2023 — Slate Pages

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On-scene firefighter accountability is crucial for any firefighting operation, as it involves tracking the location, duties, and status of all personnel on the scene to ensure their safety and effectiveness in the mission. However, traditional methods of tracking firefighter accountability, such as manual paper-based tag systems, are often outdated and inefficient.

Fortunately, there is a new technology solution that can revolutionize on-scene firefighter accountability: Slate Pages.

Traditional Tagging Methods

The most common traditional method for tracking firefighter accountability is through the use of paper tags. Each firefighter is given a tag with their name, unit, and other important information that must be worn while on the scene. These tags are then hung on a board or placed in a bin that is monitored by a designated accountability officer. The officer must manually check each tag periodically and cross-reference it with a roster to ensure everyone is accounted for.

While this method has been used for decades, it is outdated and often ineffective. The tags can be lost or misplaced, and the manual checking process is time-consuming and prone to errors. In the event of an emergency, the accountability officer may not be able to keep up with the rapid changes in personnel movement and assignments, leading to confusion and potential safety hazards.

Slate Pages: A New Solution

Slate Pages is a technology solution that can solve these issues and provide a modern, efficient method for on-scene firefighter accountability. The platform provides a mobile app that scans QR code-heavy-duty aluminum tags, which can be adapted to be used for on-scene firefighter accountability.

Each firefighter is given a unique QR code tag that is linked to their profile in the Slate Pages platform. When a firefighter arrives on the scene, they scan their tag with the app on their smartphone. This records their location and status in real-time, allowing the designated accountability officer to track their movements and duties throughout the operation.

The Slate Pages platform also provides a dashboard for the accountability officer that displays the status and location of all personnel on the scene in real-time. This allows for quick and accurate accountability checks, and the officer can quickly identify if anyone is missing or unaccounted for. In the event of an emergency, the system can quickly identify the last known location of each firefighter, ensuring a swift and effective response.


On-scene firefighter accountability is a critical component of any firefighting operation, and outdated manual tagging methods can lead to safety hazards and confusion. Slate Pages offers a modern, efficient solution that can revolutionize on-scene firefighter accountability. By using QR code-heavy-duty aluminum tags that can be scanned with a mobile app, firefighters can be tracked in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date information for accountability officers. In the event of an emergency, Slate Pages can help ensure a swift and effective response, saving lives and protecting property.