Paci Restaurant Takes Clean Slate Pledge

Paci Restaurant located at 96 Station Street Southport, CT is one of the top restaurants in Fairfield County, CT.

Robert and Donna Patchen have dedicated their lives to providing customers with the very best service and dining experience.

When Covid-19 hit in March, they like so many others, closed their establishment to help flatten the curve. Their message on their website said it all:

To Our Community and Friends – We miss you! We salute all those who have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to help care for and comfort those affected by this crippling virus. Your service, courage and strength is truly appreciated!

Our sincere gratitude to the Connecticut and National Restaurant Associations for their relentless commitment to supporting and protecting an industry; so devastated by this harsh pandemic and for providing invaluable information and guidance. Our primary goals are health and safety. We will be adhering to the appropriate protocol standards set forth by the FDA, CDC and public health officials. There will be challenges but together we will prevail safely and responsibly!

The curve in Connecticut has recently gone flat! The state published reopening guidelines for restaurants on May 20th.

Although health and safety has always been a top priority at Paci’s, COVID-19 has brought it up a notch. The state has outlined some additional requirements:

Daily Employee Health Checks

“Data acquisition processes are not something done every day in a restaurant” says Brian Bannon a partner at Slate Pages. Slate Pages is a smartphone app used for asset inspections.

We received a call from one of our first responder clients who wanted us to help them build a pre-shift employee health check inspection per CDC guidelines. During the engineering process we started following the discussions states were having about reopening and said to ourselves, “Every business in the country is going to need to do this.”

“The Clean Slate Pledge is a way for business owners to show customers and visitors that they are taking health & safety post-COVID-19 seriously. If you see the Clean Slate Pledge Sticker in a window or on a door you know the establishment has your back” says Brian.

“With 50 states and hundreds of counties publishing guidelines that work for their region, having a customizable application is going to really make this easy for business owners,” said Jeremy Jacob a Slate Pages partner and Director of Product Development. We envision small adjustments to every state and in some instances to a particular county.

“When Brian contacted us about the Clean Slate Pledge & Slate Pages app we were excited. We have always focused on health and safety, but now things need to be a little more transparent. We ordered online and our Clean Slate Pledge authorization code came via email. We followed the instructions and were performing health checks within minutes. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers again and can’t wait for May 20th and beyond,” said Donna Patchen, Owner of Paci Restaurant.

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