Slate Pages Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The Slate Pages is hosted on Microsoft Azure –Microsoft’s cloud platform and is accessible via the Slate Pages web portal and smartphone applications.

How long has Slate Pages been providing service?
The Slate Pages was spun out of a manufacturing company ThermaXX LLC. ThermaXX is a world leader in removable insulation jackets. In 2013 Thermaxx developed an app (Slate) to help manage its production assets. Hundreds of thousand jackets have, and continue to be, built and managed using the Slate App. In January 2016, The Slate Pages LLC was spun out of ThermaXX to provide asset management solutions for additional markets. Slate Pages currently provides services for more than 500k Slates, for more than 1,000 customers in the following markets:
• Facilities
• Energy
• Water & Wastewater
• EMS & Fire
• Property
• Lighting

We love the non-subscription model, but what happens to my data if Slate Pages closes up shop?
Cost affordable data management has been Slate Pages focus. Affording end users to start an asset management system for less than $ 1,000 is a goal. Slate Pages was able to achieve. Slate Pages is building a lasting company but understands our customers concerns and their fiduciary responsibility to its employees and shareholders. The Slate portal allows for a data base export into a .csv file so the customer can keep a copy of their data for peace of mind.

Does Slate Pages work with Internet Explorer?
Internet Explorer is being replaced by Microsoft Edge. Windows supported Explorer until October 13, 2020. Use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari when accessing the Slate Page Dashboard.

Is there a limit to the number of Slate users?
Your Slate App users are unlimited. You can have as many users as required.


Does Slate Pages use a secure connection?
The Slate Pages uses standard SSL technology to provide a secure and trusted connection between the application server and clients. This is clearly denoted by the “Https” shown in the URL and certificate details are available on most web browsers. The encryption algorithm is AES 256. All communication to and from The Slate Pages are secured through this method.

Is my data secure?
There are numerous security controls and features in place on Microsoft Azure that are best addressed on the Microsoft Azure Trust Center: The term “secure” should not be confused with data encryption—The Slate Pages does NOT encrypt data, with the exception of user credentials, at this time.

Is the Slate Pages’ data center certified and/or compliant with any standards?
While The Slate Pages does not operate a data center or host any infrastructure, the Microsoft Azure platform is
independently audited and verified by numerous parties and provides a complete listing of certifications and adherence to regulatory compliance programs here:

Is my data backed up and recoverable?
Since The Slate Pages uses Azure SQL Database (Standard Tier) there are numerous features in place to provide fault tolerance, data backups, and recovery of data should the need arise. At any time, there are multiple
replicas of The Slate Pages’ database running to protect against hardware failure or the loss of an entire replica database.

Who has access to my data?
Anybody with access to a Slate can scan the QR code and view the data with The Slate Pages app or a QR code reader. Slates are editable only with an authorized access code. Access codes are assigned to a specific owner
and can be changed or revoked at the owner’s request.

Can someone randomly guess my URL?
No – there are 68×10^22 possible slate access codes. To put it in perspective, that’s more possibilities than there are grains of sand on this planet.