Water & Wastewater

There are over 16,000 POTWs (publicly owned treatment works) in the U.S., serving 75 percent of the total population. The remainder of the population is served by decentralized or private septic systems. The POTWs treat 32 billion US gallons (120 gigalitres) of wastewater every day. 

Whether you’re a wastewater treatment technician, water treatment technician, wastewater engineer, water engineer, water utility supervisor, or portable toilet operator, Slate Pages can make your daily responsibilities faster and easier!

There are many different skills required in the water and wastewater industry. On the water side… you are responsible for getting the fresh water from the reservoirs to the plant. Treating the water and distributing it to every home, office or building within the region. They are also responsible for maintaining our countries fire hydrant system. Wastewater is responsible for collecting the buildings waste at the road. The wasted is then transported through a maze of piping that uses gravity and pumps to get to the treatment plant. This waste is then treated and disposed of back into the environment.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Monitor and control plant and distribution operations.
  • Maintain records of plant and distribution operations including, but not limited to, condition inspection and maintenance.
  • Ensure that the facility and distribution system operates within permit compliance, at/above design capability, and produces high quality product at all times.
  • Equipment maintenance 
  • Inventory Control 
  • Enforce and maintain standard safety procedures  

Water and Wastewater requires a tremendous amount of assets and equipment to operate. Inspecting and maintaining this equipment is a monumental task. Starting an asset management program for the smaller assets is often a little overwhelming. Most WWTP do not implement one because they do not know where to start. Slates Pages has the solution. 

Every WWTP Operator knows when you ware in the Jungle it is the mosquitos that kill you…not the elephants. Onboarding the smaller assets like force main pumps, fire hydrants, air relief valves, odor control units, is historically difficult.

Slate Pages allows you to place a sticker on that asset and onboard at your own pace. Let’s use fire hydrants as an example. Send Slate Pages your list of fire hydrants in excel or a .csv file. This information will be imported and matching Slate Tags will be shipped. Slate Tags are mounted during inspection and the operators use their smart phone or tablets to complete the inspection. Simple as that! 

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