Slate Pages for Construction Equipment

General construction companies and contractors (electrical, HVAC, carpentry, flooring, etc. require a variety of equipment to assist with their completion of scope of work. Most of this equipment is listed on a depreciation schedule for taxes purposes. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not do a good job keeping the depreciation schedules updated.

Most of the higher dollar items on this schedule also require maintenance, pre-start checks and general condition inspections. Unfortunately, equipment life cycles are usually cut short due to a lack of maintenance. One of the problems faced is actually tracking this maintenance. Assuming someone else has performed the required check is usually a fatal mistake. “I assumed the last person using the equipment changed the oil,” or “I thought the warehouse would have sent me a machine with clean filters!” The Slate Pages app allows contractors to create their own inspections using the field types seen below:

  • Text
  • Boolean
  • Selector
  • Number
  • Date/Time
  • Location/GPS
  • URL
  • Photo
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Journal
  • Records

In addition to tracking required inspections, some end users capture a GPS position on the Slate when the equipment is delivered. By way of example:

An excavation company may want to see where their excavators are currently located. The last time the equipment was scanned and a GPS coordinate was captured, will be displayed on the Map View as shown below!


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