Managing Covid-19 Cleaning In Your Facility With Slate Pages

Facility cleaning has been occurring since buildings have been built. The level of required cleaning depends on what the building is being used for. By way of example: A warehouse stocking insulation material may only require light cleaning on a bimonthly basis. Whereas a restaurant will require multiple light cleaning operations throughout the day, and a deep cleaning when the restaurant closes. Keeping records of cleaning operations is normally not required in most facilities, with the exception of healthcare facilities. The healthcare industry has adopted detailed cleaning checklists to keep facilities sterile. An improperly cleaned hospital room could result in serious infection, injury or even a death.

“Clean Your Facility As If It Were A Hospital”

WASH YOUR HANDS! We have to face the reality that novel coronavirus COVID-19 is here, and we have to do everything possible to flatten the curve and eventually win the war against this highly contagious virus. Because COVID-19 spreads so easily, housing facilities need to be extra cautious when doing routine cleanings. Essentially, they have to clean all common areas as if they were a hospital for the safety of the public.

As a manager of a housing facility, I’m sure you have received numerous questions about which areas in your facility have been cleaned and how often they are being cleaned. The only problem is, unless that information is recorded in a place that is easily accessible, there is no easy way of knowing which areas have been cleaned and which ones haven’t in realtime!

Manage Your Facility Cleaning Records With Slate Pages

Slate Pages is offering the perfect solution to help document cleanings and relieve some of the paranoia residents and guests are feeling. With the Slate Pages app, employees can scan Slate QR codes and record their cleaning history. This solves two major problems…

First, cleaning information is immediately posted from the Slate QR codes to the Slates online dashboard where managers can see which areas are being cleaned and when, and which ones aren’t. The second problem it solves is the paranoia from residents & guests. With the built in QR code scanners on their smartphones, they can scan the Slates themselves and view the last time a certain area has been cleaned!

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